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Artic Fairies Riding A Bear


Hola All! How's your week going?  Good here. I have been enjoying watching the birds "hit" on the 3 bird feeders I have outside my picture window.  I affectionately call it the "bird channel" as I get a lot of joy watching and so do my cats - sitting on the window ledge and looking straight at the feeders.  Ha I've been especially noticing all the beautiful Cardinals swooping in and landing for a bite to eat.  A friend of mine once  told me that Cardinals mate for life and if I see one - look for the mate.  He/She is nearby.  Guess what?  I'm finding that to be totally true.  I have a lot of fun spotting one and then spotting its "other half" close by. Hump day is here!   Wednesday Daymaker is also here to bring some cheer:) Here's a little rundown of what's in today's episode: