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Top of the Morning


Monday greetings magnificent readers! How was your weekend?  All good here - save the part where I had to snap my self outta the spring-like temps and drip the faucets again and prepare for some more frigid temps - as in 26 degrees over night, two nights in a row.  Brrrrr!!! Super fun Monday collection to share today - First up is CICADAS ARE COMING but with dual emergence.  Is this the part where we might say YIKES!? Being from Montana - we didn't have Cicadas - however, now living in the land of Texas I've always enjoyed their rhythmic sound.  To me, it's "the sound of summer." BACKYARD SMALL PATIO IDEAS are pretty darn outstanding.  And should a project like this be on your home to-do bucket list - now's a perfect time to start planning ahead before summer's furnace is full throttle.  Cool ideas to choose + create an outdoor living space just for you and yours. Totally love SMART MOM'S LIST OF ADD-ON CHORES for babysitter to make a little extra dough while the kids are sleeping and waiting for the parents to come home.  Back in the day when I was babysitting - I would have taken smart mom up on her list and accomplished all on the list for $.  Brilliant idea smart mom. TIMELESS CUTENESS is just that and more -- timeless beauties that brought to me smile-smile-smile.  Whole lotta joy in the captured pieces of another time, another place of others.   Hope you have a few minutes to give them a scroll-through. RECIPES!