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Wednesday Reader April 24 | pinkufo


Wednesday greetings! It's "hump day" as it's been dubbed.  Half-way through the work week. Hold tight - Friday and the weekend are on their way! Presenting Wednesday Reader.  Whole bunch of fun packed in today! Beginning with: LESLIE ELMAN Did you know what the "pearls" are in a cup of BOBA -- or Bubble Tea are? I didn't!  Pretty cool, for sure.  I'm gonna seek a cuppa BOBA next time I see a shop offering it to really give it a tasty-taste! QUICK QUESTION Weirdest thing by my bed is a can of wasp spray.  And it's not for wasps. In the unlikely event that an intruder enters my home -- I'm armed and ready!  Pretty sure I got the idea from a movie I saw a long time ago.  Makes sense to me.   You? SIGNS IN THE KITCHEN Are a crack up! SMOKED SALMON NICOISE SALAD RECIPE Is kisses to the sky delish!  I actually prefer the canned tuna over smoked salmon.  Both fish great options for this salad + a glass of cold Rose wine.