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5 For Friday March 22

5 for FRIDAY | MARCH 22

Friday greetings, friends! Great line-up today beginning with: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP I love Stephanie's Xeriscape planter pots tips!  And they look so cool.  Pretty sure I can do that and will! I've planted many, many planter pots of flowers over the years and water in the morning, but by mid-afternoon they don't look so perky and I can almost hear them whispering, Water, water, water please.  Poor babies - of course - I grab a watering container or hose and give them more gulps of water.  Sadly, no matter how hard I try being water girl, by end of summer, they just didn't survive the heat.  Boo! However, there's a new plan around here thanks to Steph's insider tips! AND I totally love the rock garden idea in a large, cool, flat, natural looking container  -- collected pieces from past adventures - future adventures OR simply flat-out buying them from an online source and incorporating all to become a signature masterpiece here at my home. Thanks, Steph!  Keep your innovative ideas headed our way because we are FANS! QUICK QUESTION What's something I do that some may find odd or humorous?  Well, I save envelopes from bills or advertisements I get in the mailbox and use the backs of the envelopes for grocery lists, to-do-lists, reminder notes that I magnet tack to the 'fridge.  I think it's kind of like recycling, yes?  At the very least it's re-purposing.  Works for me!  How about you? 8-YEAR-OLD-PAPER ON GRANDPARENTS I smiled from ear to ear reading this little 8 year old's paper as it is so beautifully true and brought back numerous memories of my (our) grandparents who were the coolest, kindest, patient, grey haired people on the planet.  So many life lessons learned from them - including - and - especially LOVE. BROWN DERBY COBB SALAD RECIPE Is the OG.  I stumbled across this recipe years ago from a recipe book that was specifically dedicated to recipes requested over and over again from readers of the Los Angeles Times most popular food column Dear S.O.S.  Indeed, I have made this salad many, many times and, yes, it's fabulous --  and the Special French Dressing is the icing on the salad.