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5 for FRIDAY | MARCH 31st

Howdy everybody - Well, the last day of March has arrived.  And it's going "out like a lamb" around these parts. I've been in Spring-fever mode.  Bursts of energy cleaning my entire deck surface, along with patio furniture (dirt be gone!) to re-potting 1 big boy plant (picture line up) to Spring-cleaning inside.  Such a great feeling of accomplishment, for sure. Is the Spring fever/cleaning bug nibbling on you as well? Tomorrow's April Fools' Day.   Any plans for pranking a friend or two?  Here's a fun piece about April Fools' Day . PICTURE LINE-UP #1 Zinnia seeds arrived!  I'm going to plant them in containers out by the pool for pretty pops of color. Watered properly - and a little love - they'll provide cuttings for little vases in the house until Fall! #2 My Pony Tail Palm got re-potted as it was busting loose from its previous container.  Check out how cool the base of the plant is. Definitely, has graduated to its nickname - Elephant's Foot plant!  (I think this beauty has been with me about 6 years.  I winter it inside and then drag it back outside when temps are gonna be safely warm for Spring and Summer and part of Fall.) #3 Meet my new secret-weapon find for cleaning everything called sinks, oven, fridge, tubs and toilets.  Seriously, works! Bar Keepers Friend, where have you been all my life?! I found it at Wal-Mart.  Have also seen it for sale at other places.  Give it a try.  I would be shocked if the results don't W-O-W! you, too. #4 Awww - stumbled across this pic of my younger-self with my two sisters, Jennie and Lisa (Lisa's in the saddle on Ernie).  Which one am I?  Hint - I'm the oldest of we three. I gotta say - fashion options available to kids these days compared to back then - have come a long way, baby! Quick Question answer for me - I wished my name could be changed to Buffy (as in Buffy on the television "Family Affair" series - Uncle Bill, Mr. French, Jody and Cissy) back in the day. As I recall, my family played along with it for a few days until I concluded that I preferred Cheryl after all. Dear Annie is a cool fan letter.  I hope you guys are all enjoying Dear Annie as I do. Caesar Salad Dressing is delish!  My sister, Jennie, loves it on salads, sandwiches and even dipping pizza slices in it.  (Actually, a really, really good dipper for pizza.)  Think french fries as well. 5 song selection today is pretty chill.  It's mom approved sort of thing.  Ha!  Hope you have a chance to give it a listen. As always - I won't ever grow tired of saying - Thank you for being here today + commenting + sharing.  Grateful!