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Wednesday Reader March 13


Wednesday greetings, all! Super fabulous read today, beginning with: QUICK QUESTION Smartest person I know?  Can't nail one specific person down right this second.  But I'm thinking.  You? POP QUIZ + FASCINATING STUFF Loads me up feeling smarter and more interesting.  Thanks to Leslie Elman. JERRY CLOWER (!) I love Jerry Clower's down-home southern humor.  Always have and always will.  Enjoy "Play Pretties" in today's episode.  It's a hoot! RECIPE Grilled cheddar cheese + Bacon -- on raisin bread.  Fantastic trio.  As far as what spread to put on the bread - I choose just straight up butter or mayo + fresh cracked pepper. TRACY BECKERMAN'S COLUMN "To All the Jeans I've Loved Before" is absolute tongue-in-cheek grins.