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5 For Friday September 1


September has arrived - hooray! It's still hot during the day - but this morning it was 71*.  I popped open doors and windows for about an hour until temps climbed quickly back in the 90s. Ahhhhh - fresh air!  While it lasted.  More 70s to come - now that it's September! PICTURE LINE UP: #1 Humming bird feeder - I've been watching the little humming birds from my kitchen window.  So.Much.Fun.  They are totally enjoying the red nectar.  And when one finishes - off it goes - and another comes in.  Then, there's the part where they like to chase one another to see who's fastest to get back to the feeder.  Joy! #2 Flowering maple plant - stunning.  At my mom's in her garden room.
5 For Friday December 22


Greetings friends - Christmas!  What's happening around your home/world right now in preparation? First Bell Ringer sighting!  She graciously posed for the pic.  (I feel super bad - me the name rememberer - has lost her name in my head right now.  Big fat boo on me!  Anyway, look at how cool she has dressed for her shift!  And she had music + was moving + ringing the hand bells.  She brought me great joy.  I always strive to put a buck or two in the kettle whenever I see a Bell Ringer or at the very least all the spare change I have on me. My Rubber Tree Plant (I lost from leaving it outside one day too long) gives me one last smile of joy - decorated with a string of red twinkle lights and a vintage Santa I found years ago at a thrift store for, if I remember correctly, was $45 dollars.  SCORE.  I treasure this Santa piece.