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HELLO FRIDAY AND HELLO FRIENDS FROM CHERYL CLARSON And it's a Friday the 13th.  I'd never really given 2 thoughts about a Friday the 13th until I had one that will always be in my memory.  You can read it in my meet-and-greet in the ABOUT page on this site.  Anyway, you? Line up for this 5 for Friday is stellar! Beginning with Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap.  Gosh, Steph has it going on with her fabulous insider tips.  Thanks, Steph! Quick Question - Do I personally believe in ghosts?  Not necessarily - but I don't un-believe in them either!  I hope one doesn't ever present itself front-and-center to prove one way or the other.  To my knowledge, I've never fainted, but pretty sure I would in such a situation.  Ha 18 Thoughts is a super cool list.  I don't have a favorite take away.  All are such valuable wisdom.