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The Guardian Angel


Holly Jolly Wednesday greetings! Christmas countdown is ON!  Are you ready?  Ready or not ... Presenting today's episode and it's packed full of awe-someness. Beginning with -- If I had a boat I'd probably name it "IF".  In honor of Rudyard Kipling's poem which I have always loved  ** click here - IF ** The Hitchhiker by the one and only Jerry Clower is hilarious! Music for your (our) ears -- this performance of Angels From the Realms of Glory is hands down the most beautiful rendition in my opinion. Mac 'n Cheese soup recipe is outstanding.  Try it -- you'll love it.
The Blue Birdking


GREETINGS FRIENDS AND HELLO FRIDAY! FROM CHERYL CLARSON Welcome to 5 for Friday on this Friday September 22 -- day before the official day of the Autumn Equinox! I don't know what the last day of summer is doing in your part of the world -- but here -- Summer is not going out without a very well noted reminder that She is Summer and she is hot.  It's super warm here today. Today's line up is a lot of fun: