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Top of the Morning February 6


Greetings all and happy beginning of a brand new week! I love this illustration.   Takes me sledding down memory lane.  We had sleds like these when we were kids.  They were crazy fast.  I preferred sitting on the racer and steering it with my feet.  That was daring enough for me. Ha! I enjoyed picking out the greats for the 12 today.  Click and enjoy. Dear Annie is spot on as usual. I'm happy you're here.  Thank you. Check out these spliced photos - pretty trippy Did you love Cracker Jack's as a kid?  Then you'll love this little piece of interesting 10 simple ways to be a kinder person ...every day These cool U.S. towns look like they're stuck in time DIY 5-gallon bucket planters - to grow a garden anywhere.  Start planning now! Stephen Kings 20 rules for writers - very cool Winning, awwww-mazing underwater photos