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Top of the Morning April 22


Mellow Monday greetings, friends - I had a ton of fun collecting these for today! Beginning with: 12-12-12 Method for spring/purging cleaning I'm gonna dial it back to a 5-5-5 Method.  Baby steps for me.  Ha SIZE COMPARISON OF LIVING + EXTINCT ANIMALS Holy camoly! Seeing is believing! My personal YIKES take-a-ways were: Manta Stingray -- 15 feet Saltwater Croc - 16 feet King Cobra - 13 feet 11 ADVERTISING SLOGANS I remember one and all. Makes me feel a little older OR I feel like I have a great memory OR the advertising slogans were so great that I still remember them. My favorite take-aways are: "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" "Where's the Beef?" "It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature" "Calgon take me away" I'm thinking the advertisers might want to resurrect these great ads - because we know they're "stickers" - but who am I to suggest such?  Ha WALLPAPER ART INSPIRATION Beautiful ideas. I remember when there was a time in my world that I was a "hater" of wallpaper.  Specifically, when Peter and I bought our home 30+ years ago.  Crazy wallpaper from room-to-room and we stripped all from the walls. But wallpaper and it being art has evolved! Now, downstairs half-bath is wallpapered with art and also upstairs master bedroom (one wall only).  Both beautiful. HOW TO FERTILIZE HANGING BASKETS OF FLOWERS Is absolutely timely!  I'm so gonna follow these tips from the Pros so my pretty hanging baskets will be happy and make me smile throughout the summer and fall. RECIPES
Top of the Morning April 15


Hello Hola Bonjour Monday and friends! Brand new week = wide open day spaces for possibilities of cool and exciting wonders to present themselves to us. I'm always up for that! Check out the wonderful treasures of finds I collected to share today. Beginning with: BARKEEPERS FRIEND + HOW TO REMOVE HARD WATER STAINS FROM GLASS As many of us are in the Spring Cleaning mode - these 2 might be great helpers! WHOLESOME, COMFORTING POSTS FROM JUST ONE WEEK Are awesome heartfelt + some silly fun. My 2 favorites are: #2 - How does a worm get to a balcony on the 37th floor? #13 - Some stranger, somewhere remembers you because you were kind to them. BENEFITS OF PICKLE JUICE I am totally a fan of pickle juice for muscle contractions in my legs or arches of my feet!  Totally works for me in the middle of the night when trying to walk it out isn't working. SIMMER POT RECIPES/COMBO IDEAS Simmer pot = a small pan on the stove on medium low to me - no special simmer pot required around here .  Makes my house smell so good. RECIPES!