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5 For Friday May 17

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 17

Friday greetings! It's been a good week around here.  Lots of rain yesterday *again*  Just about the time I think I wanna whine about it, I stop myself short and remind me that I'll be wishing for it in less than 2 months throughout the full-on furnace of summer and early fall.  So I'm growing in the stop myself short of whining arena. Attitude adjustment:  Yay.  Hooray.  RAIN! My yard and trees are super happy and are showing it with lots of green + growth.  That's what matters. Presenting 5 for FRIDAY on this May 17 Super fun line-up today beginning with -- BRUCE CAMERON'S DUMPED BY A DRIVER H*I*L*A*R*I*O*U*S (!!) I love love love Bruce's writing style.  Absolutely one of my top 2 favorite humor writers.  I am and have always been a giant Bruce fan. QUICK QUESTION Me?  My fast 5 are: The 2 F's (friends and family) Quick wit = laughter Home Sweet Home Music Seeing happy people You? TWO CHOICES I love this story of Jerry the restaurant manager.  So inspiring/encouraging. RECIPE HIPPIE CHICK SALAD Is a winner, winner, winner and a keeper, keeper, keeper.
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Hello March and welcome! As the old saying goes, "In like a Lion and out like a Lamb."  We shall see. The weather here for the past couple of weeks has been up and down like a yo-yo.  I don't prefer one cold day over a warm day because I know in the very near future it's gonna be one daily temperature - HOT.  And for months.  Ha I present to you Wednesday's Reader. Know Your Value story will most likely resonate with everyone -- somehow.  Super spot-on. Oatmeal Cake with Lazy Daisy Icing is no-fuss, no-nonsense totally chill recipe that is enjoyed by one-and-all.  Try it -- you'll like it. Stephanie Hayes column on swimsuits is a terrific piece that absolutely had me cracking up! Enjoy and have a grand day!
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Greetings Monday.  Hello happy people. Well, tomorrow's Valentine's Day.  Do you have a favorite Valentine's memory from when you were a kid? I fondly recall what a blast it was to take an empty shoe box to school -- the teacher setting aside time for several days in a row when we got a break from chalkboard teaching -- and were set free to create and decorate our cool personalized Valentine's Day boxes. Remember?   The little mailbox sort of thing where classmates slipped a little card in - on the day. Bonus!  The party.  Moms brought in sweet treats:  cupcakes, punch, little sandwiches, candy. Good times! Happy Valentine's Day (!) Scooped up these wonderful 12 for today.  Click and enjoy the entertainment. Dear Annie's sage thoughts to a Reader's statement. So thrilled that you're here.