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Top of the Morning November 20


Happy day before Thanksgiving! Presenting Wednesday's Reader - packed full of interestings to keep ya company in your thoughts while basting the turkey, beating fluffy mashed potatoes, taste tasting the gravy on the stove or setting the table. I love the story of "The Empty Hand".  And the Old Newspaper Clipping of Thankfuls. Leslie Elman, as always, finds and shares cool random facts we never knew before. Do I remember Encyclopedia Salesmen?  Yep.  My parents purchased a set that were in alphabetical order in a small 2 shelved bookcase upstairs in our home that my sisters and I referred to when we had school assignments.  They were super helpful. And, yes, I remember the silver milk box on our front porch.  Rusty Houchen was our milkman's name.  The good old days.  Ha!
Top of the Morning November 20


Good Morning Monday!  Presenting today's gatherings of fun and interestings. Beginning with : DOG ESCAPES SHELTER AND CHOOSES HIS FOREVER HOME - 3 times - persistent little dude! It's such a great, beautiful read.  "Scout's" gotta be a 4 legged angel  -- my opinion. SIZE COMPARISON OF MODERN VEHICLES Is super interesting.  I didn't realize the Space Shuttle was that huge! OLD SOUL PERSONALITY? I ticked most (not all) the boxes.  I like the term "Old Soul" - gotta bit of magic and mischief to it.  Right? 10 WORDS FREQUENTLY MISPRONOUNCED I wish the author hadn't used "idiot" in the title.  Better way to say it.  However, it's a good-to-know list.  I totally have been mispronouncing "OFTEN" all of my years.  Guess I missed that lesson/day at school ha!  From here forward I will never forget that the "T" is silent.