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Wednesday Reader March 20


Wednesday greetings wondrous readers of Daymaker - Presenting a fabulous read today full of fun and awe-some! Beginning with Leslie Elman's Trivia Bits in both Pop Quiz and Fascinating Stuff Of course, I've heard/read about the Frescoes style painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel - but I couldn't visualize it so I did the Google thing and found  *a pic and a little backstory *  mind blowing!  Unbelievably breathtaking. And Sailfish can travel at speeds of 68 mph.  W-H-A-T ?!! QUICK QUESTION Are you double jointed anywhere?  My pinky finger on my right hand is double jointed. I remember that my dad was double jointed on all fingers on both hands.  As a kid that was, "WOW COOL" stuff. Are you, or know someone who is? THE SCHOLAR'S 4 QUESTION TALE Is a great read.  I've been pondering - and have come up with - a couple "morals to the story" sort of thing.  I love tales that make me think beyond the story itself. FRIED CATFISH WITH JALAPENO TARTAR SAUCE Is sooooooo good.  As I wrote in the recipe, we served it at Hippie Cowboy and customers were wild about it.  Our little secret that made it unique was that we used my grandma Miller's recipe for frying trout.  It's a must-make recipe if you're a fan of fried catfish.
Wednesday Reader March 13


Wednesday greetings, all! Super fabulous read today, beginning with: QUICK QUESTION Smartest person I know?  Can't nail one specific person down right this second.  But I'm thinking.  You? POP QUIZ + FASCINATING STUFF Loads me up feeling smarter and more interesting.  Thanks to Leslie Elman. JERRY CLOWER (!) I love Jerry Clower's down-home southern humor.  Always have and always will.  Enjoy "Play Pretties" in today's episode.  It's a hoot! RECIPE Grilled cheddar cheese + Bacon -- on raisin bread.  Fantastic trio.  As far as what spread to put on the bread - I choose just straight up butter or mayo + fresh cracked pepper. TRACY BECKERMAN'S COLUMN "To All the Jeans I've Loved Before" is absolute tongue-in-cheek grins.
Wednesday Reader March 6


Happy Wednesday! March is sure rolling in fast and it's been very pleasant temps thus far.  I'm in no hurry for the wrath of summer's hot + humid temps so I'm a happy camper. Super cool Wednesday Read to present today: Beginning with -- LESLIE ELMAN'S TRIVIA AND FASCINATING STUFF I sooo revisited Simon and Garfunkel's,  "The Sounds of Silence" (*click and listen here*) I totally listened to Simon and Garfunkel a bazillion years ago as a teenager, but hadn't listened to this particular song in a very long time.  It's pretty.  And, nope, I didn't know the answer to the Pop Quiz regarding what/where are the prophets words revealed in the lyrics of the song.  I'll never forget now.  It was cool to relisten to the song. QUICK QUESTION Me?  Street smarts or Book smarts?   hmmmm -- good question.  I enjoy reading a lot and always have.  And life experiences have also taught me to be Street smarts - as in traveling all around the country working on shows.  So, I'll say Street smarts.  However, reading the pages of my favorite books also revealed in the tales to be aware of my surroundings via my favorite characters in books.  You?  I adore the PRICELESS GRANDPARENT STORIES! Outta the mouths of kiddos is full-on laughter. 5 WORDS THAT START WITH "F" Well, those came fun and fast to me.  Look, there are 2!  Ha