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Wednesday Reader February 14


Happy Valentine's Day, friends! What are your Valentine's Day plans?  Any? I don't have any plans perse.  Laying low and building a fire to be mesmerized by as I watch the flames and reflect on so many memories close to my heart. I totally want to share something super-duper-heart cool !  Went to the mailbox yesterday and inside there was a package. I opened it - like a kid at Christmas! It was from my friends Carol and Toby. Inside was a beautiful original hand painted card by Carol who is a fine watercolor artist whose work is absolutely/always frame worthy.  And, yes, I will frame her piece of art and keep it under glass to view every day when I walk by it.  I'll feel the love for sure way after Valentine's Day -- forever. And - also - in the package was a box wrapped all classy-pretty in Valentine's Day paper.  Nope, not a box of chocolates.  WAY better!  A box of 8 Shower Steamers - that read, "Relax and Enjoy Home SPA with Natural Essential Oil."  We're talking Eucalyptus Mint, Lavender, Orange, Pomegranate Rose, Mint, Watermelon and Orange. Wow! Do I feel special, or what?  Quick answer - Very Special!  I am so grateful for being thought of on Valentine's Day by my dear friends who were also friends of Peter. Super fun line-up today! Beginning  with --
Wednesday Reader February 14
Top of the Morning February 13


Greetings Monday.  Hello happy people. Well, tomorrow's Valentine's Day.  Do you have a favorite Valentine's memory from when you were a kid? I fondly recall what a blast it was to take an empty shoe box to school -- the teacher setting aside time for several days in a row when we got a break from chalkboard teaching -- and were set free to create and decorate our cool personalized Valentine's Day boxes. Remember?   The little mailbox sort of thing where classmates slipped a little card in - on the day. Bonus!  The party.  Moms brought in sweet treats:  cupcakes, punch, little sandwiches, candy. Good times! Happy Valentine's Day (!) Scooped up these wonderful 12 for today.  Click and enjoy the entertainment. Dear Annie's sage thoughts to a Reader's statement. So thrilled that you're here.