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Ground Hog day


FEBRUARY GREETINGS ! Will the groundhog see his shadow or not today? Not sure I buy into the whole "folklore" of it - but it's fun to wonder or wander and think about. It's become a ritual thing for me and some of those I know on the morning of February 2nd every year.  I (we) can't help but go outside and search the sky to see if it's cloud cover or full on sunshine in each of our particular neck of the woods.  And wonder what does Master Groundhog say?!   haha News regarding why Daymaker didn't find you on Monday or Wednesday.  My computer crashed over the weekend.  I wasn't sure if it was the computer or internet. After over an hour on the phone with my internet provider - and they doing trouble shooting from their end - it was established that it was this antique computer (6 years old - ha)  and it's just ready to be put out to pasture.  A stronger, faster new version must be installed.  Geesh -- everything is so disposable these days.  Think cell phones. So, I called Adam who is my super-hero, tech-dude/friend who works for the Geek Squad and he'll be here Monday to swap out the computer. In the meantime - me being who I am - I gave the computer one more shot.  And low and behold - came to life again.  Kinda like a Lazarus moment! So I've been working swiftly to get 5 for Friday scheduled to go out for this morning - in the event my computer decides to do a kamikaze dive again.  So far, so good! GREAT LINE-UP TODAY