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Top of the Morning June 12


Greetings happy Readers - How was your week?  'Twas quite warm here.  And wet.  Rain showers on a daily basis in late afternoon. I got numerous tasks accomplished over the weekend which always feels good. One biggie was pulling out and removing a very large root ball of what was once a gorgeous bamboo plant that grew (very isolated) in a galvenized container on my back deck. I think the freeze was just too much for it - RIP. So now that the root ball is gone - I can home something else large and fun in the cool horse trough planter. ** Interesting - none of the nurseries around here carry bamboo any more.  I totally get why.  But I'd sure like to plant another bamboo in the container.  It was cool and tall and floaty. ** Presenting the 12 fun + funny + great recipe finds + fascinating picks for today. The Boston Typewriter Orchestra performance is just SO. MUCH. FUN. Candid Camera's, "You've been Downgraded" is hilarious.
Top of the Morning May 1


Hello May!  Hello friends - New month.  New opportunities.  New weather.  New flowers.  New menu ideas.  New Boho Animal art piece by Spring Whitaker on my kitchen wall calendar - I adore this cool calendar - check it out -   here ***  And some good ol' desire for Spring cleaning.  Feels so energizing. Hope you had a great weekend.  Mine was pleasant and chill.  Got some tasks accomplished around my home that would be on the "Spring cleaning" list of - check - done! Collected these fun 12 for today.  Hard for me to choose a favorite.  They're all A+.  Click and Enjoy. Dear Annie's column is totally worth a read as they always are.  Even when the Q & A doesn't hit me personally - I generally know of someone in my world who it would. Happy May Day and thanks for popping in and giving us a read. Apparently May 1st has always kinda been a big deal 10 little tricks to be braver everyday - FIST PUMP! Might be time to rob our piggy banks for this super-cool- additional-piece of outdoor cooking equipment! All Aboard!!  Stunning train journeys.  Looks like super cool adventures for sure Did someone say Brunch?  Hello Monte Cristo Breakfast Casserole Pesto Potato Burrata Pizza - should we all decide to get the outdoor pizza oven ... or not Blueberry-Orange Bundt Cake - Breakfast. Dessert. Snack attack greatness!  Funky little road Trip on your mind for summer?  Check out this guide to the most memorable roadside attractions - they look like a trip for sure! Top 10 Amazing Savants with real Super Powers .  Wow.  Just.  Wow.  Gotta see to appreciate.  Blew me away with Awe + Happy. Got a cowboy hat?  Thinking about getting one?  Cowboy Hat Etiquette Movie Buff?  Here's a small list of some of the most expensive movie costumes from films you may remember H*I*L*A*R*I*O*U*S ((!))  Candid Camera Classic - Getting a ticket in your own driveway DEAR ANNIE BY ANNIE LANE MY BOYFRIEND'S VACATION ARRANGEMENTS MAKE ME SEASICK
Top of the Morning April 24