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Top of the Morning May 13


Monday Morning Greetings! Brand new week full of peek-a-boo moments ready to pop out if we spot them.  Be on the lookout. How was your weekend? Great weekend here. Did a GIANT burn of branches, twigs, limbs and leaves that have been accumulating for months and months and thanks to help from my neighbor/friend, Trent, who came over and put eyes on it to make sure all was safe - lit it - and then  I was  good to go.  Hose + pitch fork + shovel to continue feeding the fire until it was gone-baby-gone! Another purge - but this time outside. Thanks, Trent! Presenting today's line-up of treasures I found to share! Beginning with: "Recipe" for Making Our Own Potting Soil  Not only cost efficient - the best of the best DIY. I've heard of worm castings - never really understood exactly what that whole thing was all about - now I do - and to be able to purchase them in a bag?  I'm in! Prominent Internet Slang Words Don't know about you - but I sure like to be "in the know" about everything words going on in what I read -- and now I'm more in the know.  And you do, too! Maze-Like Passageways