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5 For Friday May 10

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 10

Friday greetings, Daymakers! Smile!  It's Fri-nally! I've had a great week.  Accomplished numerous small tasks around here - inside and out.  Did some weeding, cleaned out and organized a few kitchen drawers, swapped out winter clothes for summer clothes.  Those kind of things. Small but all put together are big time to me and my world.  How about you? Super fun line-up today - Beginning with Stacy's World. Me, I've never been a giant fan of dark chocolate.  Say - if I buy the bag of the tiny candy bars that offers choices of: Hershey's Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Almonds, Krackel, Mr. Good Bar and Dark Chocolate - last choice is Dark Chocolate that totally ties last with Mr. Good Bar.  HA However, now,  I'm so gonna try the dark chocolate + walnuts Stacy writes about in her column today for a little bedtime snack.  Cool tip for sure.  Move over Krackel bar - Dark chocolate bar has taken your place! And Stacy's Chai Coffee recipe is totally calling my name.  I'm the leader of the fan club of iced Chai coffee latte at the local coffee house.  But it does come with a pri$e for being a fan.  Thanks to Stacy's tip and how-to-do at home -- I'll be making it and refrigerating it or pouring it over ice A.L.L.S.U.M.M.E.R. long! 2 Winner tips in one column!  Love it. Can't wait to read what Stacy has in store for us in her next column of fun + interestings! Thanks, Stac! QUICK QUESTION Drive an ice cream truck to work or dress like a clown?  Quick answer - I'll drive the truck.
5 For Friday April 21 | Owl Yellow Bird


HELLO HAPPY READERS AND GREETINGS 2nd TO THE LAST WEDNESDAY IN SEPTEMBER Presenting Wednesday Reader.  It's packed full and a great read. Leslie Elman does it again with the Pop Quiz and Fascinating Facts.  Giving us material to be the most interesting person in the room. I don't think I mentioned this before - but Leslie writes Q & A for Pub quizzes around the world.  How cool is that?  And you get to read her here! Quick Question re: what's our favorite day of the week.  Interesting - I actually believe we all have a favorite day even if we haven't called it out.  Mine is Thursday.  You? Who knew that a Cronut was a thing?  Not me.


Greetings and happy Friday! PICTURE LINE UP: #1 I would totally agree!  This title caught my eye and couldn't resist putting it in today.  And, yes, pic of book is upside down on purpose.  Ha! #2 Shadow play - on my 3 mile walk today #3 Little tiny peek-a-boo rainbow on my wall!  Happiness Cool thing about the framed picture -- My great Aunt Beth went to the Louvre Museum (France) and gifted me this poster years ago - as in many years ago.  I had it framed and it lives with me on one of my walls.  Early Picasso... #4 Well - got a little involuntary garden action going on in my kitchen. Dear Annie - she's so centered with her thoughts. Recipe - let's make a killer hot sandwich, shall we? 5 songs to listen to - hope you have time... As always, I am so grateful that you're here hanging out today!