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Top of the Morning March 18


Monday morning greetings, amazing readers! How was your weekend?  Mine was chill and a little chilly and wet.  Rained off and on past two days.  Great for the yard and plants. Fantastic line-up of cool fun + interestings for you to check out today. Beginning with: 35 BRILLIANT CLEANING HACKS Yep, I know, I've presented cleaning hacks in the past -- however, this one has additional ones I did not know about.  I think I'm very keen on a dishwasher tablet to help clean ovens and toilets! ATTENTION!  Saluting General Sherman Majestic.  Unbelievable.  Just WOW!  And the read of these old beauties is pretty much unforgettable. THE FASCINATING STORIES BEHIND CELEBRITY NAMES I'm so not *star* struck working in the Motion Picture Industry for a long period of time.  But -- I did find it kinda fun to read how some celebrities came up with their "stage names."  My fav takeaways were Jackie Chan, LL Cool J and Whoopie Goldberg. WHY WE SHOULD KEEP OYSTER SAUCE IN OUR 'FRIDGES Has my full attention and it's on my shopping list.  The hook to me was, "If you want to make any dish taste better just add oyster sauce."  I'm in and can't wait to add a little or a little more to some of my dishes around here. HOW WE SHOULD EAT OUR EGGS IN THE MORNING BASED ON OUR ZODIAC SIGNS Just when we thought we'd read everything regarding our Zodiac sign -- here comes a new one.  Ha! I disagree with mine - Leo - I'm a die-hard fan of eggs cooked hard, poached eggs cooked hard, scrambled eggs and omelets.  I just can't do the runny yolk thing.  My sisters loved the runny yolks oozing all over their breakfast plates and dipping toast in it.  You?