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Top of the Morning May 6 | Golden Fishes Matisse


Hi! Good Morning and Good Monday greetings - I had a chill, relaxed weekend.  Hung out with some friends and shared a lot of laughter.  Always best times in the making!  You? Great line-up of collected fascinatings to present today. BEGINNING WITH: BUILDING A SHIP IN A BOTTLE AWE-SOME short watch.  I'm pretty sure, knowing me, I wouldn't have that kind of disciplined patience to do such a piece of art.  And it is art.  I would have the patience to write a little note and slide it inside a bottle, cork it, and toss it in to the ocean.  Ha! LIFE WAS GREAT GROWING UP IN THE 70's Is a blast from the past fun read! 8-tracks -- check School Lunches -- check Private Phone calls depended on the length of the phone cord - check JAWS the movie - check, check, check Allowed outside without supervision - check Saturday mornings and cartoons - check Staying up late to watch Saturday Night Live - check 11 THINGS YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT THE "PEANUTS" COMIC STRIP