Top of the Morning June 12


Greetings happy Readers –

How was your week?  ‘Twas quite warm here.  And wet.  Rain showers on a daily basis in late afternoon.

I got numerous tasks accomplished over the weekend which always feels good.

One biggie was pulling out and removing a very large root ball of what was once a gorgeous bamboo plant that grew (very isolated) in a galvenized container on my back deck.

I think the freeze was just too much for it – RIP.

So now that the root ball is gone – I can home something else large and fun in the cool horse trough planter.

** Interesting – none of the nurseries around here carry bamboo any more.  I totally get why.  But I’d sure like to plant another bamboo in the container.  It was cool and tall and floaty. **

Presenting the 12 fun + funny + great recipe finds + fascinating picks for today.

The Boston Typewriter Orchestra performance is just SO. MUCH. FUN.

Candid Camera’s, “You’ve been Downgraded” is hilarious.

Hello homemade Fish Sticks!  And Sun Tea!

Click + Enjoy.

DEAR ANNIE’s column is probably one that many can relate to and her responses are always of value – in my mind.

As always, we’re so delighted for your time sliding by today to give us a read + commenting + sharing.  Valuable to us.

Thank you.

Wishing you a terrific day!


Need Help Muting My Mouthy Mother-in-Law

Dear Annie:

I have teenagers who are in multiple sports.  My mother-in-law is a huge fan of sports and attends most events.  She gets extremely excited about the game going on and is incredibly loud — shouting during a majority of a game.

For the most part, her comments are positive, but I can tell the constant shouting of how the players should play the game is very bothersome to those around us, including my husband and me.  My husband has asked her to tone it down, and her response was to later go ask the referee if it was OK for her to cheer on the team.

We only have a few years left to attend these events.  Do you have any suggestions on how to proceed with my mother-in-law?  ~ Frustrated

Dear Frustrated:

The fact that you MIL’s comments are mostly positive is a good thing, but the truth is that even one insulting remark has no place at a high school sporting event.  The next time she says something obnoxious, I would politely remind her that this event is for teenagers and its primary purpose is to have fun.

How do your kids feel about her noisy cheering?  If they are embarrassed by it, then that is another compelling reason to ask her to quiet down; explain to her that her shouting is distracting to the athletes and unfairly takes the attention away from them.

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4 replies
  1. Stacy Oneal says:

    I think I know where I can get you another bamboo plant. The bartender article was hilarious! Great read as always!

    • Cheryl clarson says:

      Right on! re: bamboo plant, for sure.

      Yes, agree the bartender article is hilarious!

      Glad you enjoyed today’s episode!

      Thanks for reading + commenting + being a Daymaker!

      Have a fabulous afternoon!

  2. Carol says:

    Oh my goodness! I laughed out loud at Candid Camera! The typewriter orchestra was fascinating. My mouth is watering at all the yummy recipes. What a great start to the week! PS -Loved “don’t believe everything you think” 😉

    • Cheryl clarson says:

      Hi Carol!

      Yes, Candid Camera episodes are so funny – and this one didn’t disappoint!

      I discovered some cool links for funny “I love Lucy” episodes just this morning! Coming soon! Lucy and Ethel (!!) were just so naturally hilarious together.

      Thanks, Carol, for reading + writing such great comments + being a Daymaker!

      Grateful. Have a great afternoon.

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