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Hello and Greetings to first Monday of March. How’s March going for you?

I’ve been busy “tending” to the spring-like pop up of weeds.  As a very seasoned garden employee at Home Depot once told me, “As soon as you see them, take care of them!”  Sage advice.

I found these super fun 12 for today.  Click to enjoy.

Dear Annie’s column is great for all of us who wonder what to give to someone who has everything.

Thanks for hanging out today.  Gratitude.


Dear Annie: Over the years, I have seen letters in your column dealing with the question of what gifts to buy for people who have it all, and I wanted to share my thoughts in case any of your readers find them helpful. Like many seniors, I don’t need much.  At 73, I don’t have as much energy as I used to, but I still enjoy a plate of homemade cookies, banana bread or pumpkin bread, fudge or pies, all kinds of pies.  My favorites are packed in small sizes so I can eat some now and freeze some for another week.  Even a small casserole or two of comfort food like lasagna, meatloaf, or tuna and noodles goes a long way to help out. There are so many things I enjoy but don’t take the time to make for myself anymore.

It might be a cliche, but some tasty smoked cheese, salami and crackers or bagel chips to munch on — those would be great gifts, so yummy when sitting home on a chilly winter  night.  They are things I don’t buy for myself.  Mini bottles of wine, perhaps, so I don’t have to open and spoil a large bottle, are always appreciated.  ~  Homemade is Best

Dear Homemade: Thank you for sharing your gift giving suggestions.  I have no doubt they will come in handy for many readers who want to do something special for friends or loved ones.  Your gifts sound delicious.

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“See” ya day after tomorrow

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  1. Marty Martin says:

    Indeed I laughed all the way through the funniest game show clips of March 6. As for spring gardening, I can hardly wait to purchase the Colette Climbing rose as shown on video. It’s breath taking beautiful.

    • Cheryl clarson says:

      Hi Marty –

      No doubt – funniest game show clips! Hilarious.

      Colette Climbing rose – Yes, beautiful rose vine!

      Thanks for reading and hanging out – so appreciate you. Happy week to you! Daymaker!

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