Wednesday Reader November 15


Hello wondrous Readers.

Well, Thanksgiving is just-right-over-there.  3 short days away.  Are you ready?

I travel to Folsom, California to be with family.  Super looking forward to it.  My sister, Lisa, and her husband, Curtis, are hosting all 14 of us at their home.

There will be smoked ham (hat tip, Chris), smoked turkey (xx Jared) and a whole lotta everything else (thanks, Jayde, Curtis, Lisa, Jennie, Mom, Cooper and moi).  Totally a family gathering in the preparation and then around the table.

And there will be laughter!  Always good times and memories in the making!

Look what I found for this fantastic Monday.  Click and enjoy!

Don’t be eye candy.  Be Soul Food.
Happy Thanksgiving week!