Top of the Morning October 17


Greetings delightful friends.

Halloween’s just around the corner.  I always enjoyed the darling little kids trick-or-treating in costumes.  Running from house to house, laughing and remembering to say, “Thank you,” as they watched the handful of candy slide into their vessel of choice for the night’s haul.

Halloween is definitely one of the big top 3 in a child’s world: Christmas, Halloween, Birthday.

However,  for the past many years – no trick-or-treaters.  Big fat boo.

I do continue to buy a bag of candy just in case!  (My favorite, of course, for obvious reasons – ha!).

Anyway, my collected 12 clicks for fun and enjoyment this fine Monday.  Enjoy!

Never forget how wildly capable you are.
Have a spectacular week filled with wonder+full!

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