Top of the Morning September 18



Can. You. Believe. It’s. Already. Past. The. Half-way mark. In. September?

And we’re 5 days away from the official checkered flag waving in Autumn!

Thanks everyone for your patience regarding Daymaker not publishing last week.  *Sigh*

Technical difficulties is the best way to explain it.

I put a “ticket” in for web developers to take a look and fix the issue – which they did.

I had to keep reminding myself – I’m not their only client – and just like we all learned in kindergarten … gotta take your place in line and wait your turn.  HA!

Long story short, we’re back in action.

Following are the fabulous gems I collected for today:

Braids and Bowlers – those braids are stunning!  How many years?  My sister, Jennie, actually has a beautiful, thick blonde braid.  I’ve had people ask when seeing a picture of her, “Is that braid real?”  Yep

The Absolute Best Food Dishes in Every State is super interesting – I think Idaho wins my “Believe It or Not” Vote.  Ice Cream Potato.  You?

Uh-huh and Uh-Uh is a must watch.  Bet you’ll never say or hear either of these slang terms without thinking of this linguist’s break down.

I know I won’t and, yes, I pinched my nose and did the nasal sound test.  He’s right!  haha

Recipes are easy and delish!
From Impressive Game Day or any other party-you’re hosting or attending food – to Bread sticks made with pizza dough on the grill – to Salisbury Steak (259 5 star reviews take the guess work out of will it be good or not) to – lastly – Lemon Meringue Butter Cake (might wanna make it before summer dips into the horizon until next year).

Thanks so much for hanging out with us today.


We have a negative barber in my town.  You go in his barber shop when the sun’s shining bright and say, “Pretty day today, ain’t it?”

He’ll say, “It’ll be raining in an hour.”  If I wasn’t a Christian man I’d hire someone to kill him.

My buddy Bill went in that barber shop.  That old pessimist barber said, “Bill, I hear you gonna take a trip.”

Bill said, “Yeah, I’m gonna catch TWA airlines, I’m gonna fly to Rome and I’m gonna visit with the pope.”

That old pessimistic barber said, “TWA’s the sorriest airline in the world; they’ll lose your suitcase.  They ain’t never on time.  If you make it to Rome on that old sorry airline, Rome stinks this time of year.  And you ain’t gonna get to see the pope.  If you see the pope, you’re gonna stand down there with 100,000 people, all hunkered up together, hoping that that pope walks out on a little old shelf way up yonder on the side of the wall.  That’s as close as you’ll ever get to the pope.”

Well, old Bill was back in the barber shop in about a month.  That old pessimistic barber said, “Bill you didn’t take that stupid trip, did you?”

Bill said, “I did take that trip, and you lied to me.  TWA was a good airline.  They didn’t lose my suitcase; they was right on time.  Them flight attendants was friendly, we landed in Rome, took a whiff of Rome, and Rome was not stinking.  You were right about one thing; there was 100,000 people all scrooched up hoping that the pope would make his appearance on that shelf way up there on the side of the wall.”

The old pessimistic barber said, “Bill, you didn’t get to see him, either, did you?”

Bill said, “I did do it.  While I was standing there hoping that the pope would make his appearance up there on that porch, a fellow come walking up to me and grabbed me by the arm and said, ‘Hey buddy, come with me.  The pope sent me after you.’

” We went around there and got on an elevator and went up three floors and the elevator stopped and the door opened.  There stood the pope!  ‘Brother Pope, this is the highlight of my trip to get to see you one on one.'”

That old pessimistic barber said, “Bill, why did the pope pick you out of all them folks to bring you up there as an individual?”

I wondered the same thing and I asked the pope why he sent for me.  The pope said, ‘Young man, I wanted to pray with you and counsel with you, because out of 100,000 people, you undoubtedly got the sorriest haircut of anybody we ever saw.'”

~ copyright Jerry Clower
reprinted with permission:
University Press Mississippi



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  1. Carol says:

    Welcome back! You didn’t miss a beat with all your terrific articles – touching, funny, informative, delicious. Great start to the week!

  2. Marty says:

    Many things caught my eye in today’s Daymaker, however when I found the recipe for Salisbury Steak I couldn’t help but laugh.

    First of all, I liked the recipe and could see myself fixing it and throwing it into the freezer – likely single servings.

    Now for part 2:
    The memory of Salisbury Steak! Here it goes – my girlfriend was in the hospital and her husband who knew nothing about cooking thought he would stop and pick up a frozen TV Dinner. The Salisbury Steak looked good to him. He saw on the box its baking temperature and placed it in the oven – BOX and all!

    While BOX and all were baking away he grabbed a beer and headed for the TV to watch his beloved baseball – the Oakland A’s.

    While he was cheering and carrying on, the box was melting, the kitchen filling with smoke and then the house alarms started going off!

    He said he ran for the kitchen and found even the box was on fire.

    I heard him tell that story many times and his wife would add, “I told him to stop and get a hamburger on the way home!

    And he would add, “I never heard her say that!”

    And we would all laugh again.

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