Greetings friends! I see dandelions popping up everywhere!  Pretty bright yellow.  Yes! Weeds?  Depends on each of our personal definition of "weeds." In their defense they do turn into those cool little, round, puffy, light as air things that I remember plucking as a kid, closing my eyes, making a wish and blowing. Pretty sure some of my wishes have come through. PICTURE LINE UP: #1 As Spring approaches swiftly - if you have outdoor furniture or yard art that needs a fresh coat of color - I highly recommend Montana.Cans.  Beautiful choices to tickle your artistic fancy.  I originally discovered this professional spray paint product at a local Michael's craft store then went online and ordered more.  Just couldn't get enough of their beautiful offerings of color!  Check them out - super cool. #2 Hello! new Finder's Keepers piece.   I came across this discarded gem on my walk yesterday.  It has a new permanent home with me!  Will be placing it in my outdoor Finder's Keepers wreath.  Named it Little dude with a big heart in a tea cup! #3 Message in a women's restroom ... #4 Another message in a women's restroom ... Dear Annie - Grandma seeks guidance regarding a grandson who keeps asking and asking for $. The Wowza breakfast sandwich is - well, Wowza! Great for when you have a little extra time on the weekend to make something fun + fabulous to happen! Thanks for being here.  Thanks for reading.  Appreciate one and all.


Howdy all and Hello Friday! PICTURE LINE UP #1 This picture of morning  - looking out to my backyard - reminds me of the Cat Steven's song, "Morning has Broken" #2 My mom captured some Shadow Play on her garden fence #3 Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant, Bastrop, Texas.  Traveled down to Bastrop to hang out with my friend who treated us to dinner at Guadalajara's. Report Card:  Atmosphere - A+ Staff - Hustle - Attentiveness - Genuine Friendliness - A+ Salsa - A+ (and I consider myself a salsa snob - ha) Housemade Flour Tortillas - A+ Chile Rellenos - A+ (and I am a Chile Relleno freak!) Margaritas - A+ #4 These 3 (!) for making brisket in a slow cooker on the counter that tastes like you (or a very seasoned grill master someone) slow smoked it for hours.  My absolute new favorite way to make brisket.  Recipe is included in this episode! Dear Annie calls out a duck! Brisket recipe + ideas for serving As always, thanks for being here.  You are Daymakers to me!


Greetings and happy Friday! PICTURE LINE UP: #1 I would totally agree!  This title caught my eye and couldn't resist putting it in today.  And, yes, pic of book is upside down on purpose.  Ha! #2 Shadow play - on my 3 mile walk today #3 Little tiny peek-a-boo rainbow on my wall!  Happiness Cool thing about the framed picture -- My great Aunt Beth went to the Louvre Museum (France) and gifted me this poster years ago - as in many years ago.  I had it framed and it lives with me on one of my walls.  Early Picasso... #4 Well - got a little involuntary garden action going on in my kitchen. Dear Annie - she's so centered with her thoughts. Recipe - let's make a killer hot sandwich, shall we? 5 songs to listen to - hope you have time... As always, I am so grateful that you're here hanging out today!


Greetings - Hard for me to believe February has crossed its half-way mark!  But it has. PICTURE LINE UP: #1 Madagascar Vanilla Bean + Cinnamon stick infused Simple Syrup getting ready to happen.  Recipe in today's episode. #2 My new groovy home accessory!  Disco ball hanging in the over-the-sink kitchen window.  It's so much fun watching dancing pieces of light on kitchen walls and even in to the living room throughout the day! #3 Shadow play - 3 cats in a window grabbing some sunshine! #4 Feather in a hat - How cool is this feather embellished with a few perfectly positioned beads?  Hat tip to this artsy idea!


Happy Friday, Everybody ! Picture line up: #1 Birds of a feather flock together on feeder outside my picture window.  Check out the cool ice cycles on the other side of the "roof" of the feeder.  A little something extra fun - for sure. #2 Daymaker in action.  My friend Marky rescued/adopted little "Beanie" from a home that didn't show the love nor did they want him.  Marky was definitely a Daymaker to this little fellow! He reports that "Beanie" is living the dream now.  Bathed, fed, sleeps inside on a brand new, little dog bed (previously, had slept outside on cold concrete) and feels loved - because he is.  Hat Tip, Marky! #3 Shadow play across my dining room table. #4 Dream on Dreamer.  We all know the stories of a message in a bottle, right?  Be on the look out for a message in a window.  Spotted this one while walking by a cool little shop in a small town nearby. Annie Lane has some solid thoughts about weight loss drug "fad." Eggs on a Stack recipe.  How fun are these?  I'll tell ya, they're a lot of breakfast-on-the-weekend fun food. 5 tried-and-true songs to give a listen to... Maybe over weekend Eggs on a stack breakfast?


Greetings happy people and h-e-l-l-o Friday - Hope your week was just what you wanted it to be and are looking forward to a little something cool coming up this weekend. I also hope you have seen or been a Daymaker this week!  We're out there and our numbers are growing.  It's such a positive, happy experience/feeling every single time it happens. Four fun pics to check out: #1  My 2-year-old Christmas cactus is blooming.  Gift from Stacy - friend and hair stylist extraordinaire.  thanks Stac! #2  Coolest Women's room entrance EVER.  Like walking thru a magic garden portal.


Hello! Hope your world is going well.  Mine is just dandy. I've spoken with a couple friends who actually made New Year's resolutions and ... * sigh * ... the resolutions aren't sticking for one reason or another. I, personally, walked away from doing the whole New Year's resolution thing quite a while back.  I'm just not good at keeping them. Always seemed like a good idea at the time.  But then I had to admit that I failed.  So I don't set myself up for it anymore.  Ha!  You? Pictures below #1  Shadow play wave all bundled up on my morning walk #2  Heart Art of wire and beads I made with a pair of pliers and hands molding/shaping.  Fun little afternoon project. #3  Graffiti art on train cars as I wait at the tracks for them to pass.  I know the artists shouldn't be doing it - but for whatever reason, I am intrigued.  Always makes me wonder where the art happened.  How far away?  Such huge pieces created with a couple of spray cans of paint.
Daddy-o Barbecue Sauce Recipe


Hello Hello - How has your week been? Weather?  Random acts of Daymaking either by you or someone else? Pics below: #1 So this giant, I mean giant, tree fell into the yard last September.  An arborist friend told me it probably weighed 20 tons.  Monster, beautiful tree.  We had dubbed it Sleepy Hollow over the years for no specific reason.  Just seemed an appropriate name for such a magnificent piece of nature. My fabulous neighbors Pete and Donna, their daughter, Karen, and Craig, son-in-law, jumped on their fastest white horses (toting chainsaws) and zoomed over here and we all totally cleaned up that fallen tree.  As in all day long!


Greetings.  It's a Friday the 13th.  Are you superstitious?  I'm undecided.  Ha! I was wondering where this whole Friday the 13th superstition originated ... found this interesting piece ... Friday the 13th origins


Happy first Friday of 2023! I packed up Christmas.  Had a little helper - not so much help - but definitely on guard until I loaded stuff up to take to the storage unit.  ha!  Meet Kidd. Beautiful moss growing outta the bricks in my driveway.  Look at the brilliant green! My Finders-Keepers wreath I have been building for several years.  I find random toss aways in parking lots or on paths I walk and add to the one-of-a-kind piece of art in progress.  Finders-Keepers! Found yesterday!  A cool find in the road where I wal


Welcome 2023!  And may it be an extraordinary year for all! Here are the 12 pieces I collected for this first Monday of the New Year.  Click and enjoy. WOW!  A pink Manta Ray - hello beautiful Photographers capture stunning  photos in Urban places Bet ya didn't know these cool facts about Monopoly - I sure didn't
No Peekie Beef and Vegetable Stew Recipe


Greetings friends - Christmas!  What's happening around your home/world right now in preparation? First Bell Ringer sighting!  She graciously posed for the pic.  (I feel super bad - me the name rememberer - has lost her name in my head right now.  Big fat boo on me!  Anyway, look at how cool she has dressed for her shift!  And she had music + was moving + ringing the hand bells.  She brought me great joy.  I always strive to put a buck or two in the kettle whenever I see a Bell Ringer or at the very least all the spare change I have on me. My Rubber Tree Plant (I lost from leaving it outside one day too long) gives me one last smile of joy - decorated with a string of red twinkle lights and a vintage Santa I found years ago at a thrift store for, if I remember correctly, was $45 dollars.  SCORE.  I treasure this Santa piece.