Happy day after Thanksgiving - hope your Thanksgiving was warm and filled with friends / family / food / laughter / memory stories and heart.  Mine was.  Traveled to visit my beautiful family in Sacramento and we totally had a blast, telling stories, sharing laughter and eating a lot!  All the usual suspects! Raise your hand if you are or did go out to shop the "Black Friday" sales.  Me, nope.  Hanging out with those of us who did not go out to shop and making executive decisions (ha) what we can create with the all the leftovers. A few pics from our yesterday when it was in full swing production.


Greetings friends, Yesterday was Veteran's Day.  See a Veteran thank that Veteran.  That's how I do it (actually, not just on Veteran's day - but especially today).  So grateful for their fearlessness and sacrifices. ((a little inside scoop ... I'm actually writing this post on the 13th because I wanted to include what I did for Veteran's day.  Hope yours was good +  filled with pride for our wonderful Veterans.)) I traveled to Bastrop, a cool little town just outside of Austin to hang out with my friend Johnny.  We went to the Heroes and Hot Rods car show which lined the streets of downtown, had dinner at Storehouse - a charming dining place with amazing food and a signature drink called the Bramble that was fantastic, and enjoyed a super chill time.
4 B's Cream of Tomato Soup Recipe

5 for Friday | October 21

I talked to Hunter, my son, in Montana. Snow came early this year. As in a couple of days ago. It didn’t last for long. But it fell. Just a warm up for what’s gonna happen the rest of the long winter there! I remember it, dealt with it, didn’t mind it, sure don’t miss it. Ha!

5 for Friday | October 7

Hey, Hey!  Happy Friday.  Hope you had a terrific week.  I've been doing a lot of "leaf control" around here.  Raking them, sweeping them and scooping them out of the pool. I remember when we first bought this house 28 years ago, we loved all of the trees.  The realtor was not in love with trees.  I asked him why.  And he said, "Leaves in the fall!  There will be a lot." Indeed, there are a lot, but it's so worth the trade off of not having trees at all.  If only leaves were worth money ... I'd be sipping a drink with an umbrella in it on my own private island.  Ha! I picked out a cool pumpkin with a long stem for dining room table decoration.  Really great part is  it gets to stay until Thanksgiving.  It's not for carving.  Just going to let it naturally be the beautiful, original piece that it is.
Sandwich Ideas from Hippie Cowboy Recipe Box

5 for Friday | September 30

Greetings happy people! Well, first day of Autumn happened and now last day of September.  Crazy sneak up! Check out this awesome hand painted glass shop door.  Impressive! Book case straighten up happened in my office this week. Union 28 - super cool new venue right here in our little, old town that's blowing up with new residents. A gentle reminder we should all stop and think about everywhere  we go.  Kindness Always Matters.

5 for Friday | September 16

Hello happy people! Pulse check for your week - how was it?  It was good for me.  My neighbor brought over smoked meatloaf.  Oh, YES!  It's absolutely my favorite and they know it.  Thank you, Trent and Susan! Still harvesting a few fresh tomatoes - I know it's going to come to a halt very, very soon so I am relishing every beautiful offering the plant continues to share. Peach pie happened this week - a friend brought over fresh peaches he ordered outta the Carolinas.  Peaches are without a doubt my very, very  favorite fruit.  The pie lasted about 2 days.  Breakfast, lunch and midnight snack attack action!  Check out the recipe for this unbelievable peach pie from a recipe card I have dated 1989.  Ha

5 for Friday | September 2

Hello happy people!  And hello September!  The heat's still on here but the finish line is within sight (meaning fall temps). This week I had a CRAVING for Tex-Mex so I fixed that 4 days in a row.  Check out the street taco combos for ideas to recreate at home.  All were incredible! Veggie Taco grilled mushrooms, onion, green pepper.  Fresh tomato, cilantro cotija cheese, fresh lime squeeze and red + green salsa Fried Avocado Taco avocado wedges coated with Panko and deep fried, placed on a thin refried bean layer, topped with pico + shredded lettuce + cheddar and monterey jack cheese.  Poblano ranch dressing. Jamaican jerk chicken Taco grilled chicken chunks seasoned with

5 for Friday | August 19

Hello everyone ! Another really good week for me.  Hung out on the deck at a very cool, creative local pub/restaurant with a couple friends.  Fans and misters were strategically placed  around the deck so it was not hot uncomfortable at all. Yin + Yang cats call this deck home! House made Parm Chips with dill ranch dip.  Addictive! Hello high in the sky upscale bird house, how beautiful you are. Tuna Salad happened this week!  Crackers, croissant, toasted english muffin and by the spoonful.  I. Love. Tuna. Salad.  (with dill pickle relish) Dragon Slayer sandwich is a people pleaser! 5 for Friday playlist is a good chill time.  Give it a listen. Thanks so much for being here.  I am grateful for your time.

5 for Friday | August 5

Hello Everyone, and hello hot, hot, hot August! I had a great week .  Uneventful, but happy.  How 'bout you? Official Silly Walking Zone sign made me laugh. Without a doubt the coolest, largest burro's tail I've ever laid eyes on!  Look at the chain holding it up!

5 for Friday | July 22

Hi friends - I scored a very cool, very heavy burro planter at a nursery going out of business this week.  I love him.  I named him "Junior."  No reason, just looked like a Junior.  Ha! I also built a rectangle collage on the ceiling in the kitchen around the light source.  Paper came from a giant blow out sale World Market had a long while back.  I love the colors.  They make me happy. Look at this beautiful explosion of orange going on in one of my flower gardens.  Not even sure what the name of this particular flower is.  Need to find out!

5 for Friday | July 8

Hi everyone ! How was your week ?  Happy and productive ? I came across these cool doors on a walk.  Color + design = pieces of art.  Check out the red door's pull handle ! It's hot, It's July.  Try the Farm to Market Salad this weekend.  Totally refreshing and satisfying.  Same goes for the 5 for Friday playlist songs.  Hope you'll give it a listen. Thanks for dropping by today.  Gratitude.

5 for Friday | June 24

Howdy ! Hope your week was good and some giant laughter found you !  Laughter good! Random laughter definitely found me this week and it makes me happy. Hat tip to College Street Pub in Waxahachie for their creative sidewalk decorating.  Inside is decorated wonderfully British Pub style and the food is fabulous.  The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is my favorite. 17 M.P.H.  ... hmmm ... that's a first for me.