Hey-Hey everyone, And hello half-way-through-the-month-of-March Wednesday. How are you adjusting to daylight savings time?  Me?  Still adjusting just a bit.  In a week, it'll be a breeze - I think.  Ha! Presenting Wednesday Reader. So many of my friends and family who live other places than I are experiencing a lot of rain!  You? Trivia is super interesting.  Leslie Elman's trivia definitely contributes to being the coolest person in the room sort of thing. Stephanie Hayes column on Goat Yoga is hilarious. Recipes for the Dynamic Duo dips are delicious. Thanks for stopping by and reading us.  Grateful.


Hello - Hello!  Happy Wednesday. I present today's Wednesday Reader for your enjoyment. Stephanie Hayes' column "Tips for Completing the Following 89 Chores in our Airbnb" is super funny. Leslie Elman's Trivia and Fascinating stuff is ... well, fascinating and interesting.  Leslie's collections are def material for making us the most interesting person in the room. Recipe for Chicken Fried Steak and Muzzleloader gravy is tried-and-true.  If you love Chicken Fried Steak and Gravy - you gotta put these in your recipe box. And the "Daffodil Principle" story is one of my favorites.  Daffodils are popping up everywhere here.  I see them and this story comes to mind.  Very cool thing. As always, thank you for being here. Have a fabulous day!
Humorous and Heartfelt Stories from Syndicated Writers


Hello March and welcome! As the old saying goes, "In like a Lion and out like a Lamb."  We shall see. The weather here for the past couple of weeks has been up and down like a yo-yo.  I don't prefer one cold day over a warm day because I know in the very near future it's gonna be one daily temperature - HOT.  And for months.  Ha I present to you Wednesday's Reader. Know Your Value story will most likely resonate with everyone -- somehow.  Super spot-on. Oatmeal Cake with Lazy Daisy Icing is no-fuss, no-nonsense totally chill recipe that is enjoyed by one-and-all.  Try it -- you'll like it. Stephanie Hayes column on swimsuits is a terrific piece that absolutely had me cracking up! Enjoy and have a grand day!


Hello Friends! I love this black and white picture of a beautiful waitress in a diner.  For sure everyone knew her name.  And even better - she knew everbody's name.  And ask about your people.  And the genuine smile and laughter!  So very "welcome" ! Hello Daymaker from way back in the day. My favorite diner of all time was in Billings, Montana, and its name was the Kit Kat in the Heights.  Saturday mornings - homemade big-as-your-hand cinnamon rolls or caramel rolls were available.  Had to get there early because - imagine this - they sold out fast!  And when these beauties were gone - gone until the next Saturday. Other than Saturday mornings - my favorite diner food was/is a Patty melt sandwich. Yep!  Grilled burger patty on toasted rye bread + melted cheese (not sure - thinking it's American) + grilled onions. Cannot even re-create it at home.  Trust me I've tried to.  Just not the same! You?  What's your favorite diner food favorite? Here is the new Wednesday Reader.  Enjoy! Thanks for being here.  Grateful.  Always!
Chateaubriand Marinade Recipe


Greetings Happy Readers - I present today's Wednesday Reader for your enjoyment. Leslie Elman's trivia is always so fun for learning stuff about stuff we never would have even thought about. Stephanie Hayes' column about jeans is awesome.  Pretty sure most of us can relate!  Ha Behind the Scenes Film Crew article should be of interest to all who are movie fans. Chateaubriand marinade recipe ... It's. That. Good. As always, I am grateful you're here.  I wish you a wonderful Wednesday!
Fajita Fiesta Marinade Recipe


Hello Readers + fellow Daymakers - January went out with a giant chill - pill that slid into February for a few days.  Sleet - icy roads - brrrr. I was prepared as far as wrapping outdoor + dripping faucets, making sure there were staples for my cat family, wild birds outside the picture window and me for a few days.  All is well. Are you a shopping cart returner or not?  Stephanie Hayes' column in today's issue is a pretty - darn - good - made - ya - think piece.  Be sure to give it a read. Fajita marinade recipe!  Thumbs up.  Get ready to make it over and over and share the recipe - people are gonna be asking for it. I present today's Wednesday Reader.  I hope it succeeds in bringing a bit of a kick - back - enjoyment time. As always, thank you for being here.  Appreciate ya.


Hello, hello February! Tomorrow's Groundhog Day. Will he or won't he see that shadow? I've always thought it was a fun little tradition -- whether or not it's a real-deal, matters not.  Just a little something twinkly to think of on February 2nd. Hope you enjoy the read.  I'm happy that you're here.


Greetings -  Hope your week is swell.  January's moving so fast, and the temperatures have been crazy warm, I feel like I'm getting a little Spring fever. Gotta keep reminding myself that February is traditionally one of the coldest month's here in my neck of the world. Spring will come quick enough.  In the mean time, I can look through catalogs for seeds and magazines for cool ideas and make garden plans (large + small + containers) with pen and paper.  That's my plan.  How about you? Thanks for being here!


Hello - hello!  How's the week going so far?  We have had crazy temperatures here in the past couple of weeks - 40's, 50's and 80's! Oh, well, like they say EVERYWHERE "If you don't like the weather, just stick around for a day or two."  Haha Thanks for stopping in for the read today.  Grateful.  Have a great rest of your week!
Homemade Parmesan Chips with Dill Ranch Dip


POP QUIZ   BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HELD WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING FEDERAL OFFICES? a)  Postmaster general b)  Secretary of state c)  Secretary of the treasury d)  Surgeon general   WHAT TYPE OF WOOD IS MOST COMMONLY USED TO MAKE WINE BARRELS? a)  Ash b)  Birch c)  Oak d)  Pine   J.S. BACH'S "GOLDBERG VARIATIONS" WERE WRITTEN TO BE PERFORMED ON WHAT MUSICAL INSTRUMENT? a)  Cello b)  Harp c)  Harpsichord d)  Violin   IN THE VIDEO GAME UNIVERSE, WHICH CHARACTER BATTLES THE EVIL DR. NEO CORTEX? a)  Conker the Squirrel b)  Crash Bandicoot c)  Donkey Kong d)  Sonic the Hedgehog
Truck stop Chili Recipe


Day 4 of 2023.  How's the New Year so far?  Good here.  I took my Christmas down.  All packed up and ready to travel to the storage unit where it will wait until next year to come back home to bring ornamental magic and beauty. Thanks for being here. May 2023 be a year of wonder + awe + success + for + all.


Greetings - I trust you are feeling the magic and uniqueness that this time of year has to offer.  Open yourselves and your heart - the magic and uniqueness will find you.  It does me. I'm getting ready to travel to Sacramento to be with family for Christmas.  My flight is on Christmas Eve day.  Super looking forward to being with my people. My second Christmas without Peter.  But love from and to family and friends and a little time make it better and better. As always, I thank you for your support in reading Daymaker Readable Art.  All blessings.