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5 for Friday April 12

5 for FRIDAY | APRIL 12

Friday greetings, friends! How's your week been?  Good here.  Solar Eclipse happened and it rolled right down my neck of the woods, so to speak, and it did get dark for 4 minutes.  Kinda freaky and cool all at the same time. Great 5 for Friday today - Beginning with: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP I know one thing in the camp of Cheryl, I will never look at an overripe banana or potato peels the same.  They all still have value.  For Butterflies and for Me.  I have a wire coat hanger and I'm going to form a banana holder and hang it outside in one of my trees and watch the butterflies flutter around with glee.  Same the potato skins - for moi! Hello, Yumm-O.  No doubt the potato skins are waaaayyyy better than chips outta the bag.  AND!  Banana skins in a pitcher of water for watering some of my outside plants.  Plants will thank me and grow like crazy thanks to Steph!  Ta-Dah! I so laughed outloud at Steph's share of what would literally be her regarding a $7 dress from Ross.  Me, knowing Steph for many years absolutely know this to be true!  I'm pretty sure she finds all the "deals" out there before any of us put our shopping shoes on.  HA! Steph never disappoints with her cool, outside-the-box creative ideas. Thanks, Steph!  Keep 'em coming, girl! QUICK QUESTION What is bravery to me?  Many things --but the first thing that pops in my head is -- one who continues to put one foot in front of the other and keeps moving ahead regardless of circumstances happening in their immediate world at the moment.  You? SOUTHPAW SUPER POWER Is an intriguing list of the specialness of those born left-handed.  Totally makes sense, though.  My dad was a left-hander.  It always caught my attention when he wrote something on a piece of paper - how he positioned his hand to do so - and he did have very nice handwriting.  Are you a southpaw or someone in your family?
Top of the Morning August 21

5 for FRIDAY | AUGUST 18

Today I will be attending my nephew Jared and his new bride, Clarissa's, wedding!  Whoop!  Whoop! Gonna be a grand celebration from what I understand.  Lots of planning.  Lots of family on both sides.  Food.  Drinks.  Dancing. Laughter.  Perfect in every way.
Wednesday Reader March 22 | Mid Summer Mercer


Hello, friends! Trust all is going well in each of our worlds. Presenting - WEDNESDAY READER - Leslie Elman's Pop Quiz and Fascinating Facts ... material for being one of the most interesting people in the room!  I'm in! Word Power - simple teachings we may or may not have learned/remembered from the classroom.  Get a "do-over" sort of thing today.  Ha! Hippie Chick Salad recipe is the bomb-a-reno!  Save it + share it + make it. Stephanie Hayes' column is ... well, thought provoking -- and brings happy fun chuckles to many of us! As always, grateful for your time and thoughts + comments + subscribing. See ya Friday!
Top of the Morning February 13


Happy Friday, Everybody ! Picture line up: #1 Birds of a feather flock together on feeder outside my picture window.  Check out the cool ice cycles on the other side of the "roof" of the feeder.  A little something extra fun - for sure. #2 Daymaker in action.  My friend Marky rescued/adopted little "Beanie" from a home that didn't show the love nor did they want him.  Marky was definitely a Daymaker to this little fellow! He reports that "Beanie" is living the dream now.  Bathed, fed, sleeps inside on a brand new, little dog bed (previously, had slept outside on cold concrete) and feels loved - because he is.  Hat Tip, Marky! #3 Shadow play across my dining room table. #4 Dream on Dreamer.  We all know the stories of a message in a bottle, right?  Be on the look out for a message in a window.  Spotted this one while walking by a cool little shop in a small town nearby. Annie Lane has some solid thoughts about weight loss drug "fad." Eggs on a Stack recipe.  How fun are these?  I'll tell ya, they're a lot of breakfast-on-the-weekend fun food. 5 tried-and-true songs to give a listen to... Maybe over weekend Eggs on a stack breakfast?
Snow Queen


Hello Hello - How has your week been? Weather?  Random acts of Daymaking either by you or someone else? Pics below: #1 So this giant, I mean giant, tree fell into the yard last September.  An arborist friend told me it probably weighed 20 tons.  Monster, beautiful tree.  We had dubbed it Sleepy Hollow over the years for no specific reason.  Just seemed an appropriate name for such a magnificent piece of nature. My fabulous neighbors Pete and Donna, their daughter, Karen, and Craig, son-in-law, jumped on their fastest white horses (toting chainsaws) and zoomed over here and we all totally cleaned up that fallen tree.  As in all day long!