HELLO AMAZING READERS (!) FROM CHERYL CLARSON September 8 has jumped upon us just like that.  Quick and stealth! In a blink of an eye - it'll be late September.  How time can fly so fast. The cool illustration art piece today are flies for trout fishing.  Any of you out there fly fishermen? It's a BIG DEAL in Montana and an art - the whole fly fishing thing AND big bragging rights among the fly fishermen if you tie your own flies. My son Hunter was born in Livingston, Montana, and we lived there for numerous years.  It's the home (or at least was) of the famous Dan Baily fly-fishing store. Great line-up for today's 5 for Friday: QUICK QUESTION What's the oldest thing I own?  Still considering my final answer.  How about you? STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP column is (as always) super cool.  What a great DIY project with rustic-cabin-vibe results  Well done, Steph and Rick!


September has arrived - hooray! It's still hot during the day - but this morning it was 71*.  I popped open doors and windows for about an hour until temps climbed quickly back in the 90s. Ahhhhh - fresh air!  While it lasted.  More 70s to come - now that it's September! PICTURE LINE UP: #1 Humming bird feeder - I've been watching the little humming birds from my kitchen window.  So.Much.Fun.  They are totally enjoying the red nectar.  And when one finishes - off it goes - and another comes in.  Then, there's the part where they like to chase one another to see who's fastest to get back to the feeder.  Joy! #2 Flowering maple plant - stunning.  At my mom's in her garden room.


QUICK QUESTION What do you do when you hear something fall in the middle of the night when you're in bed? I do a big gulp, get out of bed - because I just gotta know where that noise came from.  To date - it's usually cat related.  HA STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP never disappoints with all of her cool fashion ideas!  And egg cartons for storing tiny little necklaces?  Fabulous idea!  I'm on it. #4 PICTURE A book for sale at an outdoor venue.  I had to laugh.  Because - I surely won't laugh at a live dragon should I see one. SWEET AND TART TARRAGON CHICKEN SALAD recipe is delicious.  Different - and I feel pretty confident won't disappoint.  Give it a try.

5 for FRIDAY | AUGUST 18

Today I will be attending my nephew Jared and his new bride, Clarissa's, wedding!  Whoop!  Whoop! Gonna be a grand celebration from what I understand.  Lots of planning.  Lots of family on both sides.  Food.  Drinks.  Dancing. Laughter.  Perfect in every way.

5 for FRIDAY | AUGUST 11

Super fun line up today : Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap about nails is totally insider's information shared today by Stephanie.  Tried and true.  And the color!  Classy, fabulous and matches anything you might be wearing or think about wearing. Quick Question - What do I miss about my youth?  Easy.  Foot loose and fancy free!  Mom and/or Dad had it all taken care of.  How about you? Cinch Strap Sandwich is incredibly good.  Meat lovers - you'll love this sandwich and won't miss the absence of meat!  Should probably call it Fresh-picked-from-the garden sandwich delight.  Cinch Strap is more fun.  I think. Humorous Church reader boards - They're tongue-in-cheek -- made ya think.
Linguine Salad

5 for FRIDAY | July 28

ART, FOOD, MUSIC AND HAPPY INSPIRATION Hello All - Friday's here. The last Friday in July 2023.  Gulp.  July came and is sliding out swiftly. But summer's still on full-throttle.

5 for FRIDAY | JULY 14

Friday greetings ! How has your week been?  All is well in my world.  Hot temps - but it's that time of year.  No stranger for sure.  I adjust same as I'm sure you do. My mom text me today, "I'd rather have it hot than freezing cold." I gotta agree with that! We both say that as solid Montana girls who have been through the freezing cold and prefer not to endure freezing temps - if we don't have to.  Ha! Presenting 5 for Friday: Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap self tanning lotion tips ... YES! Thanks Steph, for telling us about a fabulous product that we can look sun-kissed without laying in the sun for hours.
Forest animals lantern party Thir kell Pearce

5 for FRIDAY – JULY 7

Greetings Friday and Friends!! This Friday's Episode is loaded up like a station wagon ready for family vacation. Here's the line up: Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap Building a secure, stylish scarf headband!  I love - always have - the look of scarves on women's heads - such a classy hippie-vibe look.  Especially for summertime.  Right on, Stephanie! Quick Question If I were a spice what would I be?

5 for Friday | June 30

Hello Friday and Welcome !!  Stephanie to Daymaker Readable Art with cool + super affordable fashion and accessory ideas in her column ((exclusively in DRA)), Chic on the Cheap. Wow!  I can hardly believe that today is the last day of June. 

5 for Friday | June 23

Greetings!  And Hello Friday! Gosh, almighty the rain and storms have been CRAZY here. Lost power last late afternoon - took out my little battery operated lanterns until power came back on.  And lit the pillar candles on the mantle and in a couple bathrooms.  All went well. Yeah, I know - everyone will say we can always use some rain!  Indeed. PICTURE LINE UP:  1 - 2 -3 ARE "MADE-YA-LOOK" LIGHT SOURCES:


Greetings Friends and happy Friday before Father's day Sunday. Happy Father's Day to all the special men in our lives - here or gone before us. My quick Question ANSWERS: As kids, my sisters and I would often exclaim, "That's not fair."  My dad always replied, "Life isn't fair." And sometimes I would just be exasperated about something difficult.  My dad would say, "If it was easy -- everyone would be doing it." My Grandpa - in his later years with Parkinson's disease - I'll never forget - said, "If at the end of your life you can count on one hand friends who you could call in the middle of the night and say, 'I need you.'  And that friend says, 'Where are you?  I'm on my way.'" As opposed to friend saying, "What's going on?" You've lived a full life, Cheryl." Isn't that beautiful and spot on? Dixie says that her father, Jack, was a silent type.  His eyes conveyed words.  She could always tell by his eyes if he was disappointed or happy.  'nough said ... What are your memory/answers? Dragon Slayer sandwich is so so so good! Couldn't help putting in the humor of Why It's Great To Be a Guy.  Funny truth. 5 songs selected for today - are close to my heart.  Hope you've got a few to give it a listen. Thanks. For. Being. Here. Today. And giving us a read and your thoughts and a listen.  Blessings all!