5 for FRIDAY | JUNE 9

Greetings All! And hello, Friday! And hello cool ideas for planters around our living spaces! PICTURE LINE UP: #1 Look at this narrow tall planter box that has fig trees in it!  YES! #2 Parsley in a planter.  Very cool.  Could also be basil or rosemary.  Or a combo of several! #3 Oh ... pretty zinnias all planted in a planter box on a table.  High five! #4 My personal favorite - donkey pulling a little cart ... A super cool concrete thing (meaning super heavy) that I found at garden store going out of business a few years ago.  I got this beauty for $15.  Believe it or not.  Truth. Be on the look out for something cool and extraordinary around your neck of the woods.  They're out there!  Just gotta be on the look out! My answer for nicknames of people I have in my life: my sister, Jennie, is Jen, My sister, Lisa, is Lea, my son, Hunter, is Hunter Bear, My mom is, Mama, my friend, Dixie, is Dix.  And my family and super close friends call me - Cher. What are nicknames for people close to you? 5 songs on the playlist are so pretty.  Hope you have a few to give them a listen. As always - we so appreciate your time and giving us a piece of your day on this Friday.  Grateful. Have a great weekend!

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 26

Hey - Hey!  And Hey Friday! Shout out to my sister Jennie; today's her birthday. The black and white featured image is her at the age of 3 - wearing our Grandpa's boots, her *broken in* hat, and hauling around a bridle. Living the Montana kid dream sans videos, video games, tablets and more channels on television than "you could shake a stick at".  haha Happy Birthday, Jen!  xo I was a Daymaker to a tiny little frog in the pool yesterday. I didn't get a pic because I had to get it out as quickly as possible. It was paddling, paddling, paddling to stay afloat.  No doubt, worn out! I'm not sure -- but when I got it out of the pool and put it in the garden -- it was "taking a moment" and a sigh of relief that it had been rescued from drowning -- I feel like it kinda looked at me and said, "Thank you" before it hopped away into cover of plants the garden offers. PICTURE LINE UP: #1 BEAUTIFUL ROSE "TREE" - there's something cool happening in the rose tree.  Can ya spot it? #2
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5 for FRIDAY | MAY 19

Greetings all!  And Friday. My week was really nice.  Yours? PICTURE LINE UP: #1 See the "shingles"?  Look closely.  They're actually flattened #10 vegetable/fruit cans that have been painted and tacked on to the side of the building.  Super cool! #2 Hello clever re-purposed planter idea outside a candy-shop!  High five. #3 Cool signage on a barrel outside a dining patio.  Thumbs up! #4 1 kitty-cat, 2 kitty-cat, 3 kitty-cat grabbing a piece of sunshine for a little nappy.   Yep, they are my little furry family - meet Streak, Monkey and Kid (Right to Left) Still pondering my answer to the Quick Question regarding ... What's my best story regarding me or someone trying to be sneaky and failed ... Maybe a few.  Ha!  Yours? Dear Annie - has solid advice for Mr. Sexy Senior ... Recipe - STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE is so easy and absolutely hands down the best strawberry shortcake EVER.  Gotta believe me. 5 songs selected for today are chill - pretty - and kinda stick with ya sing-along-songs.  Hope you have a little time to give them a listen. As always, we thank you so much for sliding by and giving us a piece of your day.  Gratitude.

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 12

Greetings all and happy Friday - So last Saturday I attended the Scarborough  Renaissance Festival with my friend Laurie.  Price of admission - $37. And it was packed!  A sea of people.  Have no idea how many acres this place was but it was many. And so, so, so many people walking around dressed in super cool well-thought out costumes for the day.  Applause to all who dressed in costume. I've never attended a "Trekie" (as in Star Trek convention) but if I had - this place totally had that kind of vibe in my mind. Apparently, Scarborough Renaissance Festivals happen all over our beautiful U.S. Yep, it was pricey - ticket to get in (thanks, Laurie, for the gift of my admission ticket) and then if you wanna get a bite to eat or a drink ... $$$  However, well worth it.  Think, being at the fair. It was so much fun.  Such a cool event.  And I totally enjoyed the 5 or more hours we were there. Talk about people watching!  Never ending - and everyone was having a chill-time just being there and interacting with others. No strangers sort of feel - just all of us having a united grand day. And all the costumed people were so gracious when I asked if I could snap a pic of them.  "Of Course," was the response every single time.

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 5

Hello All! How has your week been?  Mine, really good. PICTURE LINE UP: #1 Zinnia seeds update.   Teenage seedlings doing what teenagers do.  Growing like crazy.  Grow, babies, grow! #2 Turk's caps are popping all over the place in my courtyard garden.  Perennials and they spread and grow more and more over this garden every year.  I planted about 5 - 1 gallon size plants about 6 years ago and they're taking it over (as planned).   I'll post pic updates.    Their little delicate blooms float over the tall green stalks .  Check them out *here*.  Mine bloom in soft shades of pink #3 My friends, Carl and Jordan, came over and re-hung the amazing wind chimes that were a birthday gift to me 6 years ago from Peter.  The chimes are 9' from top to bottom and weigh 300 pounds.  Carl and Jordan are Grips in the film industry.  They put those chimes back up like it was a walk in the park.  Nobody else could have done it as quickly and efficiently as they did.  Grateful.  Thank you again, Carl and Jordan. #4 Chimes hanging in the tree.  What do they sound like... slow and low when the wind kicks them.  Sound like no other I know of. Good question - What's the worst thing you've ever eaten out of politeness? Dear Annie - interesting Q & A . Catfish Cakes were a fan favorite at Hippie Cowboy.  Bet you'll be a fan, too! 5 songs for today on the playlist are beautiful - hope you've got a little time to give it a listen. SUPER COOL - ADDITION!! Daymaker is thrilled to announce that Tracy Beckerman will be featured every Wednesday as a featured columnist!  Here. In. Daymaker. Readable. Art.  ((!!))

5 for FRIDAY | APRIL 28

Hey!  Hey! Well, last Friday of April has arrived + the last weekend of April. Monday is May 1st. Does anyone remember (as a kid) picking some wild flowers or gathering *cough* neighbors' garden flowers and placing the tiny bundle on a front porch - ringing the bell - and running?! For a May Day surprise?  I raise my hand. We totally did it as kids.  Cool memory. PICTURE LINE UP: #1 HAPPY SIDEWALK ART I spotted on a walk.  Thank you, artist, whoever you are.  So wonderful! #2 ON THE SAME WALK - LOOKED UP and it felt like Heaven opened a window and said, Hello, to me.   Hello, back! #3 LITTLE HANDMADE SIGN in a garden on another walk ... true that!  Ha #4 WHAT A CLEVER USEFUL TOOL  Little pricey - but can totally see how it can be beneficial to young and old!  Check it out here C-Pen Dear Annie's column is super worthy of a read.  "Steven" wishing you the best! Lil' Pizza recipe assembly is easy, good and a lot of fun! Playlist - is, well, music for your ears.  Hope you have a little time to give it a listen. Thank you so much for sliding by and giving us a read on this last Friday of April.  Appreciate one and all!

5 for FRIDAY | APRIL 21

Greetings and happy Friday! PICTURE LINE UP: #1 Uhhhh ... next to my vehicle the other day where paint stripers had come in and freshened up the parking spot lines - geesh, people! #2 Huli Huli Sauce - I first met this sauce when I was checking out some cool stuff at World Market.  A woman interrupted my gazing - grabbed 2 bottles - just like that.  I thought to myself, gonna grab and take a bottle home.  Must be something extraordinary! Indeed it is.  It's fabulous.  Chicken, Beef, Veggies! #3 ON A WALK Absolutely! #4 A FANTASTIC ORIGINAL MURAL AT MY FRIEND, LAURIE'S, KENNEL MY ANSWER TO THE QUESTION - WHAT'S MY FAVORITE COLOR.  GREEN!  Because it's the color of living things! DEAR ANNIE'S "ENJOYING THE SPRING SEASON" IS  POWERFUL PEANUT BUTTER SQUARES ARE SIMPLE AND DELISH! 5 for FRIDAY SONGS ARE VERY CHILL AND A GOOD LISTEN - HOPE YOU HAVE A LITTLE TIME TO HEAR THEM As always - thanks for being here and giving us a read.  Appreciate one and all!

5 for FRIDAY | APRIL 7

Hello friends - and hello Good Friday, I was invited by my friend, Carol, last Sunday to a truly remarkable event.  Super cool + delicious + classy. It was a wine and olive oil pairing at Cassaro Winery and Vineyard.  Totally check out their outstanding here - Cassaro Wines. The event's description: "The Cassaro exclusive olive oil and wine pairing will feature four olive oils including, Italiano with traditional herbs and spices, Burroso Aglio with a buttery garlic flavor, Pepato Bistecca which has a pepper flavor to enhance beef dishes, and the spicy Rosso Piccante which will add zest to any meal.  Each olive oil will be paired with an award-winning Cassaro wine.  Guests will also be served samples of olive oil based dishes to complete the pairing.  Each of the four olive oils will be available for purchase at the conclusion of the tasting." What a treat the whole experience was.  Wines were excellent, sample dishes with the four different olive oils were incredible and dipping fresh baguette slices on all of the tables for dipping = superb. Thanks again, Carol, for the invitation and hat tip to Cassaro Winery and Vineyard for superior products and having the artistic vision for such a fantastic event(s). PICTURE LINE UP: #1 MEET MY FRIENDS CAROL AND TOBY They have been wine club members of Cassaro's since around week 2 of its grand opening. Toby and Carol are strong, genuine supporters and cheerleaders of local businesses they find of interest + value + quality + fantastic concepts & products. #2 CHECK OUT THE WELL DESIGNED, DESCRIPTIVE PLACE SETTINGS AT THE EVENT #3 MY PURCHASE FROM THE EVENT 2 bottles of excellent wine (Merlot and Riesling) and 3 olive oils.  Notice that attached to the side of the olive oil bottle is its specific spice tube. Spices are added when the bottle is opened and ready to use.  Ensuring the olive oils/spices are at their very finest.  Genius. #4 PIC OF ANOTHER EVENT CASSARO'S HOSTS: Totally read the back story.  At the bottom of the posting.  Fascinating. Deviled egg variations are a lot of delicious fun! 5 songs for today are mellow and chill.  A kick-back listen.  Hope you have time ... As always, thanks for dropping by and giving us a read.  Grateful. Take care.  Happy Easter.  See ya Monday.
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5 for FRIDAY | MARCH 31st

Howdy everybody - Well, the last day of March has arrived.  And it's going "out like a lamb" around these parts. I've been in Spring-fever mode.  Bursts of energy cleaning my entire deck surface, along with patio furniture (dirt be gone!) to re-potting 1 big boy plant (picture line up) to Spring-cleaning inside.  Such a great feeling of accomplishment, for sure. Is the Spring fever/cleaning bug nibbling on you as well? Tomorrow's April Fools' Day.   Any plans for pranking a friend or two?  Here's a fun piece about April Fools' Day . PICTURE LINE-UP #1 Zinnia seeds arrived!  I'm going to plant them in containers out by the pool for pretty pops of color. Watered properly - and a little love - they'll provide cuttings for little vases in the house until Fall! #2 My Pony Tail Palm got re-potted as it was busting loose from its previous container.  Check out how cool the base of the plant is. Definitely, has graduated to its nickname - Elephant's Foot plant!  (I think this beauty has been with me about 6 years.  I winter it inside and then drag it back outside when temps are gonna be safely warm for Spring and Summer and part of Fall.) #3 Meet my new secret-weapon find for cleaning everything called sinks, oven, fridge, tubs and toilets.  Seriously, works! Bar Keepers Friend, where have you been all my life?! I found it at Wal-Mart.  Have also seen it for sale at other places.  Give it a try.  I would be shocked if the results don't W-O-W! you, too. #4 Awww - stumbled across this pic of my younger-self with my two sisters, Jennie and Lisa (Lisa's in the saddle on Ernie).  Which one am I?  Hint - I'm the oldest of we three. I gotta say - fashion options available to kids these days compared to back then - have come a long way, baby! Quick Question answer for me - I wished my name could be changed to Buffy (as in Buffy on the television "Family Affair" series - Uncle Bill, Mr. French, Jody and Cissy) back in the day. As I recall, my family played along with it for a few days until I concluded that I preferred Cheryl after all. Dear Annie is a cool fan letter.  I hope you guys are all enjoying Dear Annie as I do. Caesar Salad Dressing is delish!  My sister, Jennie, loves it on salads, sandwiches and even dipping pizza slices in it.  (Actually, a really, really good dipper for pizza.)  Think french fries as well. 5 song selection today is pretty chill.  It's mom approved sort of thing.  Ha!  Hope you have a chance to give it a listen. As always - I won't ever grow tired of saying - Thank you for being here today + commenting + sharing.  Grateful!
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Greetings on this 2nd to the last Friday of March. So far - March is not "going out like a lamb" ...  just yet.  Temperatures here are diving into the 30s at night.  I feel like it's kinda unusual - but weather - will be weather.  Ha! PICTURE LINE UP #1 HELLO BEAUTIFUL WISTERIA BLOOMING on my arbor over the stairs going into the front yard ...  reminds me of the Lilac bushes that bloom in Montana.  Love (!) Lilac bushes - doing their thing and popping like crazy - and smell like no other!  I miss them.  And, I miss cutting a few of the clusters of blooms on their little branches and placing them in ordinary little glass vases and positioning them around the house.  Ahhh !  Sweet purple memories. No Lilac bushes around these parts.  However, Wisteria and its super brilliant - similar purple color - gifts me with peek-a-boo memories - next best thing! #2 HELLO CUTE DONKEY who came up to the fence line on our walk.  Pretty sure lil' Donkey was checking us out AND to see if we had any treats.  Big fat boo, no treats this time.  But sure will be next time. #3 RUMOR HAS IT ... egg prices are dropping.  Crossing my fingers! #4 THIS TAKE-MY-BREATH-AWAY beautiful red piece of stained glass art was a gift from a friend.  Totally makes a plain ol' window in a room become the star attraction!  Thanks, Johnny, for this vibrant piece. DEAR ANNIE'S column is a great read.  A little sad - but talk about strength!  And inspiring.   And at the end - there is a "rainbow." SWEET POTATO BISCUITS - so easy to make and so worth the effort! 5 WONDERFUL SONGS all lined up for a listen.  Hope you have a little space in your day to check them out. As always - thank you for your time + comments + sharing with friends and family + Daymaker hearts!  I so appreciate you all.
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Four leaf clover greetings! PICTURE LINE UP #1 Parker and Maddie decorating "Leprechaun traps."  Good Luck kiddos! #2 Attended and totally enjoyed the 18th annual Bastrop Empty Bowl fund raiser.  Such a cool idea and event. Here's a little piece about it: "The popular Bastrop Empty Bowl provides attendees an opportunity to sample soups, stews and chilies by Bastrop's best chefs in a 'battle of the ladles' for bragging rights.   ... each ticketed attendee will also take home a ceramic soup bowl, hand-decorated and designed by Bastrop ISD students and members of the community." I chose the bowl in the lower right hand corner that looks like it has a red hand with a big green band across it.  All the soups I tasted were fantastic.  Top 2 favorites were  - Jalapeno Popper Soup + Broccoli Cheese smoked Brisket soup.   Yeah! #3 I was invited to and attended the Premier screening of DEADLAND.  (click DEADLAND to see trailer)  SXSW 2023 in Austin.  It showed at the Paramount in Austin which is an old, beautiful, ornate classic theater. Longtime friends from the business brought this production to life. And it's a great show!  Really good.  I was totally impressed.  Keep your radar up for when it comes out at a theater near you.  And go see it. The picture above is after the screening when Cast + DP + Director + Producers came out on stage and told some behind-the-scenes stories and how they personally contributed to the value and art of the film.  And it was shot on film!  Old school beautiful. Super cool experience for sure. #4 Beauty shot of sun's setting light reaching through an old, fabulous rock pavilion at Bastrop State Park. ** Magic moment ** Dear Annie's grateful for luck and love. Playlist is a 5 song collection of popular Irish songs.  They're pretty cool.  Hope you take a little time to give it a listen! Apparently Danny Boy was played at Elvis' funeral. Potato Sliders are outside-the-box delicious Best St. Patrick's Day Parades!  Click to check them out - so. much. fun! Stumbled across this thought+full quote: "Imagine if we were all magical Leprechauns and every wish ever made on a four-leaf clover obliged us to help others obtain their wishes.  Now imagine if people simply lived like this were true." Thanks for sliding by and giving Daymaker a read + sharing with friends and family + sharing your thoughts in comments.  I am grateful for one and all.  Luck of the Irish to ya!